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Don't spend your savings on a new A/C when yours breaks, let BFS Home Warranty cover it. Replacing your air conditioner can cost upward of $4,000, but with a BFS Home Warranty, you don't need to sweat it!

You never know for certain when something will break down in your home. But sooner or later everything wears out. Whether its your air conditioner, water heater, furnace, garbage disposal, garage door opener.... nothing last forever.

That's why a BFS Home Warranty can be a great value. It protects you against the high cost of repairs so that you can spend your hard earned money on the people and things that matter most!

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Clean the Air You are Breathing

With an emphasis on social distancing, self-quarantining, and overall precautionary measures such as  washing and disinfecting, the air in our homes should be no exception. Installing an Ultraviolet Light in your air conditioning system is top of our list to help our customers with air quality, as they have been tested and achieved up to 99.99% reduction in microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus. Inventory is low, so call your local office today to reserve yours, or for more information.

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