Go Green to Save Energy and Money

Posting Date: April 13, 2015
Posted by: Steve Ferguson, State Certified Air Conditioning Contractor

Save money and energy

Going green isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for your budget, because saving energy means saving money.

With that in mind, here are our favorite, easy-to-implement energy-saving tips:

  • Avoid using your stove, oven, dishwasher or dryer during the warmest parts of the day. Your cooling system will have to work harder to keep your home cool.
  • Fill your dishwasher completely before running it. In the summer, a dishwasher can add humidity to the air so your air conditioning system will need to work harder to maintain a cool temperature.
  • Clean the outdoor coils on your air conditioner as often as necessary (i.e., when dirt is visible on the outside of the coil).
  • Clean the a/c evaporator coil and condensate pan every year.
  • Clean the blower fan blades.
  • Clean supply and return registers, and straighten their fins.
  • Plant shade trees around your outdoor a/c unit. A unit sitting in the sun can use significantly more energy to cool your home than one in the shade.
  • Install ceiling fans. They use far less energy than air conditioners and allow you to feel cool while keeping your thermostat set higher.

For more energy-saving tips, visit our Go Green page, and call us anytime you need our help at 877-237-9700.