Summer home maintenance and efficiency checklist

Posting Date: July 03, 2018
Posted by: Glen Herd, Houston, TX Branch Manager

The hottest days of the year are coming – be prepared!

Here’s a whole-house checklist of things to do to keep your home cool and all systems up and running during the hot summer months.


  • Keep doors to your conditioned spaces closed; if there are rooms you don’t typically use in the summer, close those doors, too
  • Check the foam or rubber around the sides and frame of the door to be sure they are efficiently preventing cool air from escaping


  • Clear any debris from the window track and sill so the window seals properly
  • Add silicon latex caulk around the outside window frame to prevent heat from entering the house.

Window treatments

  • Consider shades or other window treatments to prevent solar heat gain

Air conditioner/heat pump


  • Close vents in unused rooms and in the basement
  • Periodically wipe vents clean with a damp microfiber cloth to keep good airflow
  • Move vent-blocking obstacles and furniture
  • Check your HVAC filter once a month, replacing or cleaning it as necessary


  • If you have a whole house dehumidifier, have it serviced


  • If you have a propane whole house back-up generator, run it at least once early in the season; have enough propane gas to last at least a week in the event of a severe weather power outage

Ceiling fans

  • Adjust fan rotation direction to make sure it draws cool air up into the room rather than pushing it down (see manufacturer’s instructions); run the fan in conjunction with your cooling system to keep air circulating.


  • Aim for a temperature of about 78 degrees when people are home to get the best balance of comfort and energy savings; raise the thermostat when no one is home.


  • Test all smoke alarms, carbon monoxide sensors and radon detectors; replace batteries if needed.


  • Make sure the damper is closed to prevent heat from entering through the chimney; summer is also a good time to schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection.

Heating system


  • Consider adding insulation to stabilize the temperature of your home and give your A/C an assist (most homes are under-insulated)
  • Use an attic fan to circulate and vent rising hot air from the house

Let Broward keep you safe, cool and comfortable this summer – contact us today for HVAC service, expert air conditioning and heat pump installations, and more!

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