Summer’s Coming – Be Ready to Beat the Heat!

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Posting Date: May 24, 2018
Posted by: Rusty Herd, Austin, TX Branch Manager

Ready or not, the hottest days of the year are coming – and if you’re like us, you probably prefer to be “ready” than “not.”

Fortunately, there are some great and cost-effective ways to prepare for the stifling, post-Memorial Day heat on the horizon – and the unpredictable weather conditions that come with it. Here are five ways you can plan ahead for the heat wave(s) that are sure to come our way:

  • Get smarter – Adopting smart habits like maximizing energy savings with your thermostat and checking your HVAC filters every month will not only cut your energy bills – it will also lessen wear and tear on your equipment, which reduces the risk for an unexpected breakdown.
  • Get a tune-upRoutine annual service for your heat pump or air conditioner will keep your equipment running reliably in any weather – just make sure you get it done before summer arrives in earnest so you take full advantage of efficiency improvements and avoid unnecessary HVAC repairs.
  • Sign up for a Broward Service Plan – A Broward Service Plan will give you all the benefits of a tune-up, with the added benefit of having priority service in the event of a cooling system breakdown (plus repair discounts!).
  • Consider a Broward Home Warrantee – Want additional coverage for your out-of-warrantee air conditioner – or just about any other home appliance? Try the ultimate in peace of mind coverage: a Broward Home Warrantee. Check out the three levels of Home Warrantee coverage available here.
  • Invest in summer-friendly home comfort equipment – If you’re spending more time indoors dodging the brutal summer heat, make sure the air in your home is clean and healthy with an Indoor Air Quality solution from Broward. Want another great way to stay cool and safe this summer? Invest in a whole-house backup generator to combat unexpected power outages. Contact us to learn more.

Experience the Broward Difference this summer (and all year long) with expert support and cost-effective services that will keep you comfortable in any weather. Contact us today to learn more!

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