Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner? Four Things to Consider

Posting Date: February 23, 2018
Posted by: Al Hill, Branch Manager of Las Vegas, NV

If your home air conditioning system is on its last legs and its been a while since you’ve shopped for one, you may be in for a surprise: today’s high-efficiency cooling options are far better performing than their decades-old counterparts, but that improvement in performance comes at the cost of a more complicated buying experience.

To help simplify your choices a bit, here are the four key considerations you’ll need to take into account when shopping for a new A/C system for your home:

  1. Size – When it comes to cooling your home, you might think that a bigger air conditioner is better, but that’s not always the case: an oversized A/C will cycle (turn on and off) more than necessary, causing unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment. An undersized one, of course, will also overwork.
    Getting the size of your A/C unit right is well worth the trouble: a properly sized air-conditioning system can reduce energy usage by up to 35 percent , according to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. To right-size your new system to the cooling load of your home, you’ll need to take into account many factors – the style of your home, the amount of insulation you have installed, and how much sunlight your house gets, to name a few.
  2. Efficiency – SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a measure of efficiency –how much cooling power you get over the course of a cooling system compared to the amount of energy your equipment “eats” to produce it (you can think of SEER like MPG for your car – the higher the number, the more efficient your cooling system is).
    Most central air conditioning units we sell have SEER ratings between 16 and 20. Higher SEER units cost more – about 8-10 percent for every 1-point of SEER increase in a comparably configured system. It will usually take two or three years to offset the cost of an 18 SEER unit vs. a 14 SEER unit, depending on how much you use it.
    Of course, cooling system efficiency is about more than SEER – improper insulation or poor installation can raise your energy consumption dramatically (a big reason why professional installation by experienced technicians is an investment that will pay immediate and lasting dividends).
  3. Central vs. Ductless – Central Air Conditioning systems are great – if you have ducts in place. If you don’t, don’t worry – ductless systems can deliver amazing, whisper-quiet performance, with the added advantage of enabling precise control over zone cooling and better air quality.
  4. Rebates and specials – Manufacturer’s rebates and government incentives on high-efficiency equipment can save you a bundle on a new A/C – sometimes enough to tip the scales in favor of an even better upgrade.

Ready for an A/C upgrade? Let our pros help you make the best choice for your home and budget. Contact Broward today for a FREE estimate on a new, whisper quiet, high-efficiency air conditioner for your home!

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