Guard Against High Equipment Repair and Replacement Costs

Guard against high equipment costs

Posting Date: August 24, 2015
Posted by: Amanda McLaughlin, National Home Warranty Sales Manager

Consider the amount of wear and tear your home appliances and home comfort equipment experience; from continuous operations (home cooling and air quality) to repeated on and off (appliances, electrical and plumbing systems). At some point, you are likely to be faced with an unexpected system failure and it is never at a convenient time.

A Broward Factory Service Warranty can take the worry out of equipment breakdowns. Broward offers various coverage plans which can even include swimming pools, spas, and clothes washers and dryers – to help ensure that you have peace of mind regarding inevitable and typical mechanical equipment breakdowns.

And if you are thinking of buying or selling a home, Broward certified home warranty protection can help hold or even increase a home’s value. If you have just bought a new home, the comfort of our protection cannot be underestimated — much like the potential exposure to highly expensive repairs and replacements cannot be overestimated.

Please visit our page here for additional information on the Broward Factory Service Home Warranty Protection that is available. We provide warranty service to 18 locations across Florida, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.