The "Homeowner's Only Choice" in Home Warranty

A BFS Home Warranty provides a full year of repair and replacement coverage for your air conditioning and household appliances. The yearly cost is $300 for a Single Family home and $270 for  Condo/Townhouse. A low $75 deductible (service fee) is all you pay, regardless of the actual cost of parts and labor. Or, pay nothing with our no deductible options.

Simply call us at 1-800-237-9910 any time a covered items fails and we will send on of our BFS employed technicians to fix your problem. With our local service centers and our technicians working around the clock, BFS Home Warranty provides you with Better Faster Service.

Protect your family from high equipment repair and replacement costs

Protect Your Pockets

Don't spend your savings on a new A/C when yours breaks, let BFS Home Warranty cover it. Replacing your air conditioner can cost upward of $4,000, but with a BFS Home Warranty, you don't need to sweat it!

You never know for certain when something will break down in your home. But sooner or later everything wears out. Whether its your air conditioner, water heater, furnace, garbage disposal, garage door opener.... nothing last forever.

That's why a BFS Home Warranty can be a great value. It protects you against the high cost of repairs so that you can spend your hard earned money on the people and things that matter most!

Save Hundreds.... Even Thousands!