Seller’s Coverage


Protecting the HOME - Protecting the BUDGET - Protecting the SALE

Add Value to your Listings! Attract both buyers and sellers by adding Seller's Coverage to the BFS Home Warranty.

Give your clients the benefits of Seller's Coverage today!


Pay nothing now to add the Seller's Coverage Option to the Home Warranty. This will protect the homeowner's budget, while making sure all the home's major systems remain in working order. Best of all, the $75 Seller's Coverage Option Premium isn't due until the home closes! Just pay the $75 Deductible when something breaks down, and BFS will get the home back up and running!

Whats Covered:

- Air Conditioning
- Heating
- Water Heater
- Minor Plumbing & Electric


Regardless of which Home Warranty plan you choose, qualified home sellers can activate Seller's Coverage that is only $75 for 6 months of coverage while the house is listed, and can renew up to two times upon review, and at BFS's discretion.
Simply check the "Seller's Coverage Option" when submitting the Buyer's Home Warranty Application when the house is listed on the market to activate Seller's Coverage.
Note: There is a $2,000 cap for all trades during each 6 month Seller's Coverage period. If the house goes off of the market, the Seller's Coverage Premium is due immediately.