Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioner System

Central A/C system

Posting Date: April 19, 2017
Posted by: Robert Herd, Branch Manager, Hollywood, FL

Summer heat is coming – which means it’s time to get your AC in shape for the warm days and nights to come. Here are seven things you can do to get your central air conditioning system ready for the home cooling workload ahead.

  1. Clean/replace the air filter – A dirty air filter blocks airflow, causing the unit to overwork and waste energy and possibly leading to blower motor failure. Replace it early in the season and check it every 30 days or so when you’re running your cooling system daily.
  2. Inspect the condensing unit for nests – Birds, insects and other creatures can make a home inside of the condensing unit; remove them before you power up your AC.
  3. Clean debris inside and outside the condensing unit – Keeping condenser coils debris-free enables them to dissipate the heat, which is critical for proper function of your air conditioner. Use a garden hose to push out yard and other debris, taking care not to bend over the delicate aluminum fins. Trim trees and bushes around the condensing unit, leaving at least two feet of clear space around and at least 8 feet of clearance above the unit to ensure adequate air flow.
  4. Check vents and ductwork – Check vent openings (registers) to make sure they are free of blockage from rugs, curtains, furniture, and other items. If you detect a stale smell coming from your vents, consider having the ductwork professionally cleaned and sealed.
  5. Test system controls – Start up the air conditioner to make sure it powers on and off properly. If it doesn’t,
    • Make sure your thermostat is set for the “air conditioner” or “cool” setting
    • Make sure that your thermostat is set to at least 5 degrees below the current room temperature
    • Check circuit breakers to make sure they have not been tripped
    • Make sure all power switches affecting the unit are in the on position
    • If you’ve tried all of these measures and the A/C still doesn’t work, contact us for service.
  6. Schedule annual AC maintenance – A professional air conditioning tune-up keeps your equipment running better for longer and helps spot small issues before they become expensive repairs.