Three Strategies to Nip Spring Allergies in the Bud

Allergies - blowing nose

Posting Date: March 27, 2017
Posted by: Ed Harrison, Jacksonville Branch Manager

If you’re one of millions of people who have seasonal allergies, spring can be a rather unpleasant time. But you can keep your allergy suffering at bay by following these simple strategies:

  1. Reduce your exposer to allergy triggers – Minimize your time spent outdoors, especially on dry, windy days. If you must spend time outdoors, change your clothes when you arrive home, and shower to rinse pollen from your skin and hair. Don’t hang laundry to dry outside — pollen can stick to sheets and towels.
  2. Take precautions when pollen counts are high – Minimize time outdoors in the early morning when pollen counts are highest. If high pollen counts are forecast, take allergy medications before your symptoms start and close windows whenever possible. Keep doors and windows closed at night.
  3. Keep indoor air clean – Use your air conditioner or heat pump in your house, and your AC in your car. Maintain your HVAC equipment, and check your filter about every 30 days when your AC is in regular use. Vacuum floors with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. Finally, consider adding a whole house indoor air quality system such as a UV light to kill the microorganisms that can cause allergic reactions.

Don’t suffer this spring – be sensible, and ask about our indoor air quality solutions for your home!